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Prensed fresh tuna (melva)

Tuna and marine salt.

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It would be the same tuna as the anterior but consumed temporally, in spring. It’s the moment when blue fish is at its maximum quality for consumption. A difference from the anterior which has a longer durancy in brine this, which has a reduced time in salt, is perishable, so, having to conserve cold. This tuna usually starts april-may till end of june. Consumed in concreted areas: Villajoyosa, Orxeta, Sella, Relleu, Alcoy, Muro, Cocentaina. always consumed cooked, fried with onions, noodles, roasted, for pies. Some people eat it as presented. Its quite unknown, but those who do know it, wait year by year to consume it as it is fantastic.

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