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Salted “sangacho” tuna

Tuna yellowfin and marine salt.

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It is the part closest to the central spine, its separated in quarters of tuna. Lets say it’s the less appreciated part of the tuna and bloodiest thus its name (sang-blood). Its characterized for its darkness and bones. Apart from this discription its a fantastic part to make the typical “pebrereta” (pumpkin, peppers, garlic, tomatoes), well known in Villajoyosa, this is made from spring and during summer. It’s a tradicion as a supper on the beach along with a spanish omelette. In present times its preferred and commercialized with more meat, less bones, this way the colour is redder.

The red tune is denominated (the pig of the sea) because everything is used. We now mention other parts of tuna used for salting. These are: the spine (preferably white spine), the tail, the skin, the heart.

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