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Pack salted fish

51,00 €

Consists approx. Weight 1,100 Kg.

0,400 Kg Cured yellowfin extra tuna

0,250 Kg Bluefin tuna roe

0,170 Kg Hake roe

0,250 Kg Dried tunny loin

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All this variety of salted fish is consumed as it is presented.

It can be accompanied with a good olive oil and a good type of bread. Also can be accompanied with roasted peppers or ripe chopped tomatoes.

The roe can be grated and macerated in olive oil, chopped garlic and chili to add to pasta. (noodles), mullet is the most used in Italy can also be used just grated onto noodles.

The most daring can try it cut into pieces to eat with a spanish omlette.

In general, all salted fish can be added to salads or any occasion or opportunity.

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